Something a Little Different

This morning, I got a message from my local park district, letting me know that it’s time to sign up for anyone interested in learning fencing or archery.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a soft spot for archery ever since it was the only sport I excelled in during P.E. in school. But I’m not signing up just yet.

Why? Well, the classes are for anyone 8 years old and up, and my little girl is only 7. We made a deal that we’d learn archery together, so for now, I’m waiting patiently until sometime next year.

But in the meantime, I’m struck by how many great and diverse programs are offered through the local park district.

And you should bear in mind that I don’t live in a large town. Sure, it’s a suburb, but the population is less than 15,000 people. So the fact that we can find fun programs like fencing and archery, as well as a fantastic dance program, a pretty nice fitness center, pickleball, tai chi, obedience school for pups, suspension training, nutrition lessons, swimming (even though the town has no pool! that’s partnership in action for you), cooking classes for kids — not to mention all the usual suspects like personal training, aerobics and yoga, karate and basketball and so on and on — is pretty impressive in my book.

So tell me. What kinds of out-of-the-ordinary programming do you offer?

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